Casa Londra Shop: everything you need to call London ‘home’.

Casa Londra, the premier Italian property finding, letting, management and relocation business in London (with a particular focus on Chelsea and Kensington) is delighted to announce the launch of Casa Londra Shop, a showroom for interior design and furniture which is 100% made in Italy.

Casa Londra Shop offers a wide range of prestigious Italian brands‎ for the house and creates a single point of contact for clients wishing to renovate their London home in an Italian style to the highest specifications.

Parquet flooring, marble, tiles, wallpaper, lighting, furniture and home accessories are available at 310 Old Brompton Road where the efficient Casa Londra team will certainly make you feel… completely at home! 



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Casa Londra Shop

310 Old Brompton Road
London SW5 9JH

+44 (0)20 3405 4346

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